Live Sessions

This page will explain how to contact Me for a Pro-Domme session in Baltimore City. If you request a session and you do not follow exactly the instructions given on this page, My response will be “Go back and read My website.”
  • Live sessions are available. Read this page in full before requesting a session.
  • Before you consider a live session read this about booking a session with Dominatrix.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of a session, as well as what is off limits before contacting Me.

To book a live session you must send and “Introduction Email”, if you’re looking for online/long distance domination visit my this page for more information. Live sessions tribute is $250 with $100 deposit to reserve your space. This include 1 hour and 30 minutes of hrs of My time, including “chat” and aftercare/decompression time.  I do offer different varied prices and times as well, contact Me for discussion  on that matter.

My favorite session fetishes include but are not limited to: blindfolds, clothes pins, foot worship, Goddess worship, face slapping, flogging, humiliation, paddling, pet training, sensation play, slave training, spanking Contact Me at ChiaroscuroSiren(@) for the privilege of me leaving my mark on you.

A $50.00 Tribute is required as compensation for My time for an approximate 30-minute skype or phone Interview which will be conducted prior to booking our first session. This fee is non-refundable and is not applied toward session time together.

My Tribute is not negotiable and is non-refundable.

Your “Introduction E-mail”

The correct way to make first contact with Me

In order to receive My consideration for a live session, you must submit to Me an introduction email request following the instuctions given below. If I regard your introduction to be sincere and you have followed My instructions exactly, I will respond with an “Informational E-mail.” This e-mail will contain My Tribute structure along with details for submitting the required $50.00 Tribute in order to proceed with a Phone Interview.

I will reply only to the e-mail address from which the Introduction is received.

Helpful Hint: My inbox overflows with session requests that range in style from offensive one-liners to multiple-page ramblings varying from just about anything imaginable. These will most likely be deleted and ignored. If you want your Introduction to be read by Me take your time, be thoughtful and respectful ion your request while explicitly following the given instructions.

I will NOT reply to any correspondence that does not contain ALL of the following information:

  1. Your first AND last name — whether real or not — for My identification purposes.Do not use “sub” or “slave” as your first or last name. It is important that you identify yourself using both names EVERY TIME you correspond with Me until instructed otherwise.
  2. Your location
  3. phone number & skype contact.
  4. You must include a written explanation specifying what interests you hope to pursue with Me along with your level of experience and training, as well as any health problems and/or limitations.
  5. Let Me know who you have served and in what capacity. Include their contact information if you are comfortable with Me communicating with them to verify your history.
  6. Explain how you found My website.
  7. Type “LS INTRODUCTION E-MAIL” in the Subject line. Do not change any Subject line I respond with until after our Phone Interview. I often sort and search for e-mails by the Subject line. If you change or omit a subject line, your e-mail will probably get lost in My inbox.
  • Things to think about when you writing your email
    • How do you want to feel? Have you ever felt the way you want to feel?  Under what circumstances?
    • What do you think about when you touch yourself?
    • What sexual/foreplay acts arouses you MOST intensely?
    •  What key words that trigger your arousal or submissive response?
    • Show me a few pictures, videos or stories which illustrate a feeling, act or dynamic you are interested in achieving.
    • What are your BDSM soft and hard limits?
    • What BDSM acts have you tried
    • More specifically what have you already tried that you know you enjoy or disliked?  (examples like – sensual touching, bondage, blindfold, spanking, hair pulling, paddling/flogging, tease and denial, orgasm denial, anal, fisting, hot wax, etc) What about each of these things excites you? What about these things did you dislike?
    • What BDSM acts would you like to try?
    • What bondage/submission fantasies/roleplay do you desire? (boss & secretary, naughty schoolgirl & teacher, policeman & hooker) What about those scenes excite you? Who do you picture in either roles?
    • Have you been tied up before?
    • What kind of pain do you enjoy?
    • How long do you like to play for?
    • What sexual acts are you hoping for in scene?  What do you not want?
    • What kind of aftercare do you need?
    • What sort of power dynamics/exchange are you interested in working with?
    • What other kinks do you have?
    • What have other Dommes done that you have loved?
    • What have other tops Dommes that has bothered you?
    • What parts of your body do you tend to feel most protective of?
    • Ongoing or old injuries?
    • Do you have any health issues I should be aware of?
    • Do you have any breathing or circulation issues?
    • What else should I know about your body?

Send to: chiaroscurosiren(@), remove the ( ) they are there to prevent spam.