If you are here, know that I do not need your money. I dont care what you look like, who you are, what you care about or what you think about me.  If you are here it is because you need Me. Desperately, you need a strong powerful beautiful creature such as Myself to drain your wallet. you exist only to serve Me to keep Me happy and submit to my every desire. I am the creative and cruel Mistress that you have been searching for. Your addiction to me grows with ever word on this page, with every image of me that you see. You are weak with desire for Me and would do anything to gain my attention. The more you spend the more you please Me. As your  purpose in life is to please Me the more you spend the more mutually you submission will be.
Serious inquires only time wasters beware!

This indulgence is for those who seek out a strong willed creature such as myself to take their money without any regard for them.If you’re expecting anything in return you’re on the wrong page. Just click the back button.

Webcam and phone chat might be more what you want.

I’m a cash verified lifetime royal member of findoms.com

This is for those slaves who truly know their place in life. That place is so far below me

To apply to be one of my financial slaves you must:

  • Minimum of $50 for any financial domination servants for initial tribute (amazon gift card, gift rocket, or google wallet, or my square store )
  • Write me a short email detailing why I should consider you as one of my slaves

Once your initial tribute is sent I will then reply with my financial slave application.  When sending your message with your tribute you will keep it short and to the point. you have not yet earned the privilege to speak with Me at length piggy.

Gift Options

You may also send tribute through these websites –


I prefer to be paid directly albeit you may also send tribute through these websites –

Kink bomb I receive 60% of the payout; here are tribute options for that site –

Clips4Sale – i receive % of the payout; here are tribute options for that site –
Tribute $20 Tribute $30 Tribute $50Tribute $75Tribute $100Tribute $200

All tributes and gifts are non-refundable.