Session Rules

These rules will help make our session together more enjoyable. Learn them, follow them, commit them to memory and you will know exactly what to do and say in My presence, unless and until instructed otherwise by Me.

  • Your purpose is to please, amuse, serve and obey Me. This is an honor and a privilege never to be taken for granted.
  • When you entering the dungeon you will undress and place your cloths in the bin next the entrance. Place your
    shoes to the left side of the bin. You are to address Me as “Goddess Siren”, “Goddess”, “Mistress Siren” or “Mistress.”
  • After you to disrobe you will be expected to greet Me properly. This requires you being on your hands and knees, crawling towards me with tribute in your mouth. After I remove the tribute from your mouth you will then kiss the toe of each one of My boots or shoes once when they are placed in front of you. Remain on all fours in front of me eyes towards the floor and await further instructions.
  • You will arrive clean and well groomed for every visit with Me.
  • I strongly recommend genital shaving, however it is not required.
  • Do not overuse your fragrance or cologne — it is My preference that you wear none.
  • Mutual trust between us is essential — you are trusting Me with your mind and your body and I must trust that you take care of yourself and are prepared to receive whatever I give you during our time together; therefore, you should be well-rested and properly fed and hydrated when you arrive for our session.
  • You must demonstrate good manners and proper etiquette in My presence at all times. This includes — but is not limited to — saying “Please” and “Thank You” whenever addressing Me.
  • Whenever you are in My presence you are to remain kneeling, with your gaze on the floor, unless otherwise instructed.
  • You must always request permission to speak in the following manner: “Mistress, may i please have permission to speak?”
  • When spoken to, your replies should be immediate and honest. Never respond with what you think I want to hear.
  • Do not respond to My questions with the phrase “I’m sorry” — it is not an “answer” or an excuse. Pay attention to what I say and be mindful of what comes out of your mouth.
  • With the exception of My Personal fetish footwear, no shoes are allowed on My Dungeon’s area rug.
  • When freshening your breath with My mouthwash, you must utilize one of the cups provided. DO NOT drink mouthwash directly from the bottle.
  • After using My toilet you must wipe off any bodily fluids and then close both the seat AND lid. you must also clean up any drips you leave on My bathroom floor. Inspections by Me are frequent.
  • There is no sexual contact with Me of any kind.
  • No consumption of drugs or alcohol is allowed in my dungeon.
  • No smoking is allowed in my dungeon.
  • No illegal activities.