Pet Rules

So you want to be one of my submissives/slaves? Then you MUST…

first send tribute to begin servitude to Me. After which you may then contact Me staying “Goddess i have sent money to Your google wallet/paypal etc and/or sent You gifts.” Wait patiently for My response. Loyal slaves/subs will receive personalized humiliation videos, teasers, skype minutes, and other things as I see fit.

Pay attention to this page as it is updated regularly.

  • If you are corresponding with me then be sure to be paying attention to your inbox or whatever form of communication we may be utilizing at the time. I am understanding within reason but do not ignore my messages. Be sure to respond promptly.
  • Be prepared to put your money where your mouth is. Time wasters beware, this is not My first rodeo and I will not be fucked with. You want Me and I know it, fuck you pay Me.
  • Follow me on Twitter to know what is happening. Always share my tweets, if you’re not useful your not worth my time.
  • Always be honest. I want to know your limits. I will take you to the edge and back but you must be honest with Me for this to work. Never withhold how you feel because you think that will please me more, the truth is all that interests Me.
  • Show Me the respect that I deserve when addressing me. “Yes Ma’am or Yes Mistress, Yes Goddess”
  • Always ask permission before sending any images.
  • Direct sexual contact with Me is forbidden.
  • I will not provide Brown (scat) or Roman (vomit) Showers; although, I may discuss them in session.
  • I will not conduct sessions that involve Me screaming, excessive profanity, or severe verbal abuse.
  • I am not interested in scenes based around racist-, religious-, or ethnic-oriented abuse.
  • I do not engage in “real life blackmail” scenarios.
  • I will discuss cuckolding in general, however, you will never be My cuckold.
  • Any requests to be My “personal,” 24/7, “live-in” and/or “full-time” slave will be ignored.
  • I am not available for lunch, dinner or “a drink.”; unless paid fir my time.