Chiaroscuro ( from Italian: chiaro, “light,” and scuro, “dark”)  is a technique employed in the visual arts utilizing strong contrasts between light and dark, light and shadow as they define three-dimensional objects, routinely bold contrasts affecting a whole composition.

I am the Alpha and the Omega I am your God and your Goddess.

I am the Deity Chiaroscuro Siren.

I am an activist, artist, sex positive feminist, intellectual, model, and musician.  An often cranky, very nerdy, hairy, tattooed, goth/punk Goddess. I am not your average Femdom, I am powerful and bizarre and I will enchant you. I will peer into your soul and take control of your desires with My sweet yet sadistic charm. I am as cruel as I am kind. Being the pansexual genderfluid creature that I am, I enjoy playing with all genders.

I live by a strict code of  ethics, as Pro Domme, and life stylist. I believe that mutual trust and honest communication is obligatory in order for a successful BDSM experience. I am a dominant creature by nature. The BDSM lifestyle has become a deeply fulling part of my now well-balanced life. It consistently pushes me to challenge myself instead of those around Me. It forces Me to explore and better Myself, learn, grow, and adapt to the Goddess you see now. I expect those who submit to Me to hold themselves in similar regard.

I am a very playful Domme, I love to role play and entice. To toy with your fantasies. I delight to get to know new people’s kinks and share in sensual sadism. I am very open minded and I love to get to know, train, and play with new subs/slaves. Tell me your fantasies, your kinky desires. Tell me a secret so dirty it turns you on just to say it. The hedonist in me with giggle with sadistic amusement.  I delight to explore with you. I am very playful in my cruelty. I have a quick wit and sharp tongue that will put you in your place. I will take control of you. Your mind and body are my playground. I can see right through you to your desires, ready to fan the flames of fantasy lurking in your mind desperate to be allowed release. Does that scare you? you can feel the power I have over you already can’t you? I know you can. Right now as your reading thing you feel it to swelling up inside you. The desire to serve Me. You know that I have the power to take control of you and are desperate for Me. 

  I am what is missing from you’re life. I won’t waste your time with bullshit. I am not afraid to speak My Mind. I will always call you on you’re shit and you will thank Me for it. I will break you and control your desire, for I am all that you desire. I know what I want and I am not afraid to take it, you know you want to give it to Me. you also know that I deserve it. I am a funny fuzzy natural and sometimes a fantastically feral time. I am what you need.                      



What is your fantasy?

Do you desire a strong female to take control over your existence?

Are you looking for kinky Deity to worship?

   Worship my sexy size 7.5 feet & my delicious delicate tiny toes. Grovel beneath My strong, thick, natural, hairy legs. Fall to your knees for My perfect perky and bouncy ass.  My strong seductive body and curves warped in sensual lace or a leather corset makes you weak. You wish you could enjoy my natural 38C beautiful breasts that you are unworthy of touching; but if you are lucky I will let you buy me some beautiful  intimate gifts you’ve purchased for them.


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