Here is a list of the most common requests I get and more information about what I services I offer.


My sessions usually involve minimal physical contact to my bare skin (save for my hands). I consider foot worship to be an extremely intimate experience and am therefore extremely selective about those who I allow to worship my small yet powerful feet. You muse be respectful, and loyal if you wish to enjoy the privilege of worshiping kissing and licking my perfect size 7 feet.  I truly enjoy the attention and affection experienced in foot worship sessions, especially massage of my heels and the arches of my feet. I do not allow food, liquids or anything else to be eaten or licked off My feet or any other part of My body. I do not tolerate slobbering and drool, or hard biting. Nibbling with permission may be allowed.

I will accept introduction emails from foot fetishists, foot slaves, fetishists and worshipers, albeit, if you are not naturally submissive then you must at the very least be sincere, polite and appreciative of the time that I allow for us.


I love to dress up and have a wide variety of costumes. From super heroes and villains to cartoon characters to classics like nurse, doctor, and more. If I do not have the costume for the role that you wish to play be prepared to compensate for costumes or present them upon arrival. I love to play out fantasies and dress up, the more creative the better!



Do you desire to feel the weight of my power slowly crushing you. My strong athletic legs and powerful tiny feet control you as you lay helpless beneath me. You lay powerless beneath the force of my beautiful curvaceous body as I crush your face with my bare feet, or smash my pointy heals into your body. I offer a highly erotic 1 hour crush sessions for $200 or if you wish for more time you may book a full session.

The 1 hour crush session length will be strictly enforced and the required Tribute is $200. This includes a “chat” and decompression time.

To request a crush session, you must send an “Introduction E-mail” as instructed on My sessions page and be prepared to follow through with My screening process, which includes submitting a $50 deposit for first-time session interviews.


Does your bottom need reddening? I offer a 45-minute “spanking-only” session option for respectful and well-mannered spanking enthusiasts.  This session is focused exclusively on spanking. Some styles offered are spanking, flogging, paddling, or severe judicial caning with no warm up, albeit I am open to discussion and planning of any other style and/or some other type of spanking. In addition to My bare hand, I have a collection of spanking implements including leather belts,  hairbrushes, rulers, crops, paddles and various floggers. I may decide to include light bondage (bound wrists and/or ankles) in the scene.

The 45-minute session length will be strictly enforced and the required Tribute is $175. This includes a “chat” and decompression time. If you feel this is not enough time then I recommend booking a full session.

To request a “spanking-only” session, you must send an “Introduction E-mail” as instructed on My sessions page.

I look forward to leaving my mark.



Nylon, tights, pantyhose, stocking and garter belt enthusiasts look no further to be mesmerized by My sexy strong, athletic legs adorned in seductive hosiery.  I enjoy a variety of skin tight designs ranging from fun and creative patterned tights to fine nylons, sexy leggings, seductive stockings, and elegant pantyhose to hypnotize your submissive mind. My personal preference is a Gothic/steampunk inspired appearance, but I do have a variety of styles to accommodate most respectful requests. If you desire a specific color, style or pattern that I do not already own, you should plan to send Me the particular item(s) in advance or present them to Me upon your arrival for our session.



Humiliation sessions range from a variety of creative ridiculous and embarrassing scenarios. I ignore you while readings my favorite comic book, using you has a human foot stool. Or maybe I will bind you and leave you blindfolded and helpless, while My subtle whispers tear you apart. I could always humiliate you by making you My human shoe cleaner, forcing you kiss lick and clean my leather boots, or heels. Seeing as there are many different interpretations of what one may consider to be “humiliation,” I require you to include an explanation of “humiliating” scenarios you have experienced and/or fantasized about as well as “keywords,” “phrases,” “name-calling” and any other specific information describing your desired scene.


I am currently not seeing couples. Nor booking group dynamics of any kind.


Albeit my site is designed mainly towards cisgender male submissive and masochists, I love to play with female, transgender, gender-fluid, & non-binary individuals. I will hold them to the same standards as any submissive/slave should I deem them worthy to submit to Me.


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