Always under construction ——- I find it increasing important to be vocal on all platforms possible if one really wants to make an impact in the world for positive change. I feel i would be remiss to deny the opportunity to share with you what I believe to be some important issues that people should be educating them selves on. You have the power to make a difference in the world, educating the self is the first step ——————————- Soon I will be adding rants of sex positive feminism and patriarchy smashing cross postings from other like minded blogs. As soon as I stop trying to do everything at once.  More of My soap box coming soon. Update – I am thinking that there are so many issues that I am passionate about I am just going to make a list and blog about it as it comes. (Wait patient creatures)
  • Marijuana is medicine pot Goddess Siren
  • The way we treat mental illness in this country is crazy
  • financial domination from an anarchist perspective
  • Foo scarcity and why its complicity ridiculous not even about food and doesn’t need to be a thing